2 More Points for Bulleting Your Blog… Part 2

2 More Points for Bulleting Your Blog… By Vikram RajanIn my last post I described the first 2 steps to making the most out of the phoneBlogger.net process, some best practices for organizing your thoughts & some tips about what your posts should look like. This time I’d like to focus on the power of personality, stories and anecdotes in the blogging process, as well as how you can get your readers to do things with the proper call to action.

Tip 3: Do you have any examples or stories? For example, one of our busy clients involved in personal finances recently uncovered a case of elder abuse & had this to say about it on her blog:

I visit a retired, married couple once a month to go over bills and cash flow with them. Each time I was there, I noticed that the caregiver kept walking in the room where we were meeting. I began to suspect her of eavesdropping on our private meeting.

Our client eventually discovered that the caretaker was trying to steal money from them. Not only did she right a wrong, but she used her blog to spread the word about elder abuse – and establish herself as an authority on it.

Tip 4: What do you want the reader to do? This is called a Call to Action. We use these to engage the reader by ending every piece in an open-ended question – never a Yes/No question.

For example: how has your company’s blog generated word-of-mouth referrals? To make sure that it does:

Then, start your phoneBlogging process, or even the DIY article-writing process, & it will go a lot faster, a lot smoother & you’ll end up with a properly structured article that is eye-catchy, Google-friendly and social media-fluent.

It’s important to note that you don’t necessarily need to brainstorm on a per-article basis. Sometimes it’s effective to brainstorm & flesh out some bullet points for a series of articles in a single phone conversation with your interviewing editor. In fact, earlier today I helped another client with a productive brainstorming session where we literally came up with 6 ideas for blog articles in the span of 15 minutes. Our blog brainstormer at brandedexpert.com can help you do the same.

What open-ended questions will you ask your readers?

Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder of phoneBlogger.net


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