25 Blog Article Ideas: our ‘new & improved’ blog post brainstormer

One of the most frustrating aspects of blogging is thinking of new ideas. So, we’ve improved on the Blog Brainstormer that we’ve been using for so long. Originally, we used my AICPA ‘CPA Insider’ newsletter column. But we now have more blog post ideas; and more ways to come up with more article ideas.

So I’d like to present to you 25 Blog Article Ideas, aka, our new & improved “Blog Brainstormer,” available publicly at www.BrandedExpert.com. Feel free to share in its entirety. You’ll see that this litany of ideas is broken down into 4 sections:





As you can see, BRANDED EXPERT ARTICLES help position you as a thought leader.

CLIENT FAQ ideas prompt articles by asking such questions that you may hear from clients, potential clients, and referral sources.

PERSONAL ARTICLES peel back the professional layer, and help reveal who you are. Remember, beyond your professional expertise, referrals & client interest are often due to your passions & personality.

And finally my favorite type of blog articles, those that are CROSS-PROMOTIONAL. This gives you a number of ways to involve other colleagues, who you may often refer, be recommended by, or work alongside.

Oh, and a bonus trick of our trade: Use Google Alerts! Remember to login with your Google Account to manage the keywords that you submit; Google will then send you article links that mention those terms. Remember to use esoteric jargon, or else you’ll be inundated with very mundane articles. Also, you can use book titles, authors, and other VIP celebrities in your field.

What other ways do you think of blog articles? (Besides ripping off ideas from your peers.) Maybe you’ll be the 26th idea in our next version! We’re looking forward to adding your idea (just make sure it’s not already there); thanks!

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