27th Blog Article Idea: Long-winded Emails

27th Blog Article idea: Long-winded Emails | Vik @ phoneBlogger.net

Often the shoemaker’s son goes without shoes: Last year, we even fell out of the habit of blogging. So we took our own medicine: The 1st secret to our phoneBlogging system is Sustaining Scheduled Sessions. The 2nd is using our Blog Brainstormer, available at BrandedExpert.com; there are now 26 ideas there. There will be 27 shortly:

I offered another trick to my partner Mark. He often answers questions from clients by emailing back very thorough & comprehensive (long-winded) answers. How about taking out anything confidential & private & having our phoneBlogger Editors turn these drafts into polished articles?

You can also do the same. Next time you find yourself answering a question by email, put the Subject Line into your Blog Idea Bank. The bulk of what you wrote can be repurposed into an article.

What kind of questions have you answered by email this week? You can give context in the Info paragraph. What kind of follow-up questions can you ask for – as a call-to-action – in the conclusion paragraph?

Adrian Miller, founder of A’s Net, invited me to present my tips for LinkedIn. It was on the way to this presentation that I remembered the 27th idea. So, I unveiled it in the room. Here’s the audio recording… the first 20 minutes have some good stuff; then it fades away as I segue into a literal show-and-tell of LinkedIn. Click here for the audio: 3 tips for LinkedIn & 27th Blog Article idea unveiled; keep it playing in the background (in an open tab) & surf your heart away.

BTW: In addition to some LinkedIn basics, I shared 3 of my favorite whiz-bang LinkedIn ninja moves:

1) Add a website link in the tagline of your profile, and it’ll become a clickable hyperlink when LinkedIn sends those automatic update emails to your contacts. [Click here to see a screenshot.]
2) Put reminders & notes on your LinkedIn Contacts! [Click here to see a screenshot.]
3) Want to remove wrong LinkedIn Endorsements (or those made by specific people)? Click here again for the audio & fast fwd to Minute 28 & 33 seconds (28:33) for the tutorial.

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