3 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers

3 Ways to Increase Your Twitter Followers by Vikram Rajan

{4:09 minutes to read} Twitter is best for anyone who wants to be seen on a stage. This includes the obvious people who are usually on stage, including performers, entertainers, and celebrities, but also government officials and politicians, authors, and subject matter experts. If you are looking for more speaking engagements and more opportunities to be behind a microphone and literally, if not figuratively, on a stage, then Twitter is the right platform for you.

Twitter is the fastest moving of the dominant social media platforms. What I mean by “fastest moving” is the volume of tweets that could be coming at you can be a flurry or a blizzard—or a raging river. LinkedIn tends to be pretty slow, even if you’re connected to hundreds of people, because of the demographics of the people who are generally active on LinkedIn and the type of content people share on it. That’s what makes LinkedIn a good social media platform for beginners. Facebook is somewhere in the middle, depending on the kind of people you’re connected with and whether it’s for social reasons or business.

Because tweets are restricted to 140 characters more or less on Twitter, it attracts busy professionals, Type A personalities, and celebrities. It’s not for everybody, but there are ways to use Twitter effectively.

How Can You Increase Your Number of Followers on Twitter?

1. Follow others: Unlike other social media, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, just because you follow someone doesn’t mean they will automatically follow you. They have to choose to do so. However, if you follow them, there’s a greater likelihood that they will follow you. And as you follow them, you have the opportunity of retweeting what they tweet, and you can ❤ their tweets (Twitter’s version of Facebook’s “Like” button). If they don’t follow you right away, they may follow you after you’ve retweeted them a few times.

2. Tweet: The more active you are, the more Twitter will start featuring you as someone to follow. They base their recommendations on common connections and hashtags, which are keywords.

3. Use Hashtags: You should use hashtags in your tweets whenever possible. When you retweet, it’s always great to add your own comment or a quote from the article that the tweet references; hashtag a keyword(s). Hashtags will:

Help people find you: Click into your hashtags: You’ll see all the other tweets using that same hashtag. Other people can naturally find you this way. They may be professionals who are in the same practice area as you, but in a different geographic area. In other words, they might be a resource for you as opposed to a competitor.

•Help with your brand recognition: As you start tweeting with a hashtag, you’ll start to be known for that subject matter. You can very easily find yourself being placed on a “list,” which active Twitter members use to organize others by topic. They are public; think of it as being placed in good company around that subject matter. And thus the bullet above again.

At phoneBlogger.net, whenever we promote a client’s article on Twitter, we generally use 2 hashtags: a standard one, which we repeat from article to article, and a special hashtag, which is specific to an article. Repeating a standard hashtag is like being in the same room over and over again. By using a special hashtag, you’re walking into a new room and meeting people that you haven’t met before. The first goes deeper with relationships, and the latter widens your circle of influence with new relationships.

•Don’t add more than 3 hashtags: It goes from being attractive to distracting. Too much “tweet bling!”

Twitter is an amazingly powerful tool in the right hands. As their latest slogan says, “It’s what’s happening.” Go make it happen with these tips.


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