5 ways to attract new […?…]

Want new… what? Clients? Referral sources? Followers? Blogging is a means to these ends, but only when readers lead to new readers (via Forwards, Shares, Likes, or when printouts are handed to others). Here are 5 ways to get new readers to get new readers to get new…

Vikram Rajan @ phoneBlogger.net | 5 ways to attract new [...?...]1) Trending topics
How can you relate your blog article with a topic which is right now hot in the media? Sure, hot media topics may be found in pop or mainstream news. But news & names from your clients’ trade, industry & profession may be even more relevant.

When your article is indexed by Google, new readers will find your blog as they search the related topics. These resources may help: Google.com/trends & Trendsmap.com for finding localized trending topics on the Internet.

2) Likewise, your articles should be #hashtagged with these trending keywords on Twitter, Google+, Facebook, etc. Topic followers will find you. Remember: Repeat often. Not sure what #hashtagging is? Click to email me.

3) LinkedIn Groups lead to new readers, especially as you comment on others’ discussions (and develop connections in common). You can read more ways to use Linkedin Groups in an earlier blog article of mine.

4) Every blog post ought to conclude with a call-to-action, or an ask. These ought not be a pitch, but an ask for sharing. Is there a specific type of person who the reader can share the article with? More specific the demographics the better (age, gender, job title, profession/industry, family status, etc.). I created a quick checklist of the Dozen Do-Something calls-to-action; click here for it.

5) Swap articles in other peoples’ newsletters: Just like guest blogging, but better. Who do you know who sends a newsletter related to your blog/business? Can you include an article of hers in your next newsletter? When she returns the favor, she has just warmly introduced you & cross-promoted your article, blog, expertise & business to her readers. Again: Rinse & Repeat.

Coordinating ‘newsletter article swaps’ is the latest convenience we’re testing at phoneBlogger.net. For other cross-promotion ideas, click here to read my earlier blog article.

Remember, these 5 ways are over & above linking your blog in your email signature & talking about your latest blog article wherever you go. You ought to reference it in productive conversations with clients & prospects (your articles are educational resources after all). And, when writing new ones, link to prior articles.

Moreover, these 5 attractors aren’t mutually exclusive. The whole effect is greater than the sum of these. What experience do you have with these attractors? Have these new readers led to new business already?

Do you know someone still emailing a PDF attachment as their newsletter? Can you share this article with them? It may help them realize better results from their marketing efforts. Thanks!

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  • Wow Vik….such great information that I will start to put to work IMMEDIATELY. I feel that my content hits the mark but my promotion, well, not so. I think you’ve helped quite a bit.

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