5+ Ways We SEO Your Articles

5+ Ways We SEO Your Articles by Vikram Rajan

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Recently a client emailed me to ask if we use Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to enhance the articles that we edit for her.

At phoneBlogger.net, we are SEO-conscious, and we use this knowledge when editing our client’s articles. Here’s how we “SEO” our client’s articles:

1. WordPress comes optimized for SEO & mobile by default. It’s like a sports car being aerodynamic, rather than an old-fashioned website reminiscent of a clunky station wagon.

2. When publishing the article, we pull out keywords (“tags/categories”) which WordPress & Google use to index the article (and create links back to the article, further boosting SEO).

3. phoneBlogger.net includes a licensed photograph with every post. The copyright-approved image makes the article more search-friendly (& eye-catchy).

4. We put in your name & article title as “meta data” which search engines index (aka, SEO).

5. We also backlink your article on our new cross-promotion blog (RecommendedAuthors.com), which gets 3 or 4 postings a day. Eventually this may boost our clients with our “SEO juice.”

But wait, there’s more: After a few months of blogging with us, we will start to encourage cross-promotion — by quoting, co-authoring, guest blogging & swapping articles with colleagues. Those referenced in the article are more likely to promote the article through word-of-mouth & through back-links on their website, blog, newsletter & social media. This can further boost your SEO & quality traffic.

It’s a complex process, but that is what we are here for. Of course, whether or not your article comes up in Google, etc. (via SEO) is also greatly based on the subject matter & its related title. Want to brainstorm even better, referral-centric blog article ideas? Email me & we will use BlogBrainstormer.com together.

Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder of phoneBlogger.net


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