7 Cross-Promotion Strategies to Boost Referrals

7 Cross-Promotion Strategies to Boost Referrals by Mark Bullock

{4:15 minutes to read} There are a lot of different ways in which you can engage others in your co-marketing.

In the phoneBlogger.net world, we are, of course, focused primarily on blogs and newsletters. Cross promotion is the next level of marketing by utilizing these tools:

Strategy #1: Quote Others

Quoting others is the opportunity to take something that somebody else has already written or published, be able to quote what they have said, and then expand upon it. In most cases, you’d want to get permission unless it’s a very short quote. In the process of getting permission, you’re essentially allowing for cross-promotion and possibly encouraging the other party to mention that they were quoted by you.

Strategy #2: Dedicated Interviews

A dedicated interview is interviewing someone specifically about a topic of your choice. The interview then becomes your article. Of course, you would want to include reference to the interviewee along with their contact information. You could use the resultant article in your newsletter and social media promotions, and you can offer for them to use it for themselves in the same manner.

Strategy #3: Guest Bloggers

Inviting guest bloggers can be pretty easy. Just look to your list of Centers-of-Influence (COI) or referral sources for potential guest writers.

As an example, many of our mediator clients are strong bloggers; one might be a lawyer and one might be a non-lawyer mediator, etc. As long as they are not geographically competitive, they could literally repurpose content they’ve already written or published and re-publish it on somebody else’s blog and/or newsletter, and vice versa.

Strategy #4: COIs

If you know someone or have a COI who publishes anything, especially blog articles or newsletters, ask if you can feature their original content in your blog or newsletter. Then add your input by including an introduction and/or commentary to their article.

Strategy #5: Applaud a Colleague

This is one that I really like. Someone does something good—for example, publishes a blog post that you really like. Instead of just making a comment on their blog, LinkedIn, etc., do a blog post about it. Link to the article and talk about your take on it and why you think it was great. People like to be patted on the back, and what’s the best way to do that in the world of content marketing? Public acknowledgement.

Adding on to that, applaud a charity or someone’s charitable work. People attach to charities and nonprofits pretty well.

Strategy #6: Reference Celebrities, Sports, Music, News or History

If you reference a politician who is running for president right now, as an example, you’re potentially piggybacking on their notoriety and the fact that they’re in the news. By publishing an article that references a presidential candidate, celebrity or any public figure for that matter, that’s actually a form of cross-promoting.

Strategy #7: Article Swapping

Utilizing someone else’s articles in your blog and newsletter—and vice versa—allowing them to do the same with yours, is a simple idea for cross promotion. This can work very well with COIs who have services that complement yours.

And don’t forget to check www.RecommendedAuthors.com for a litany of our clients & their articles that you might want to try this with.

Have you utilized any of these cross-promotion marketing tactics? Share your experiences below.

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