9 Ways to Build A Blog You Can “Bank On” — Part 2

phoneBlogger.net co-founder, Mark Bullock, shares tips on how to blog consistently no matter what life throws at you.My recent article stressed the importance of building a bank of articles, so that blog publishing and promotion can stay consistent, no matter what life or work roadblocks surface. In that article, we discussed the first 5 ways to build a bank of articles.

Here are a few more examples:

  1. In the same manner, if you have read someone else’s article that you think would be of particular interest to your clients/readers, you can write a review, or synopsis or your viewpoint of that article in your own words as your own blog article.  

    • Or again, write a brief introduction as to why you feel this piece is relevant to your business/clients/readers, and then include the link to the article.
  1. If the main partner or owner is just too busy, have someone else at the firm/company who may be a subject matter expert draft an article.

  2. If something comes up in the news or a relevant verdict is handed down, something industry-related changes:

    • You can simply record and forward your recording to your editor. Digital voice recorders are inexpensive and easy to use, and most smart phones now have the ability to be used as voice recorders as well.
    • Alternatively, call your dedicated editor and get it recorded.
    • Type it out as a quick draft. Don’t worry about the grammar, spelling or how well edited it is. Get it in as a draft and we’ll help you take it from there.
  1. If you present workshops to professional groups or lectures, you can summarize your presentation into a blog post.

    • Additionally, if you create this blog post beforehand, it serves as an excellent promotional tool for your presentation.

Do you have additional ideas or topics for blog articles? Please share your ideas in the reply area below.

This article was a collaborative effort between phoneBlogger team members: Marta Hanahan, Daniel Ruisi, Jaclyn Boruch, & Mark Bullock.

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