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Blogging Social Media Power Trick By Vikram RajanYou can use this “power trick” to grow VIP relationships – with referral relationships, media contacts, program directors, and even potential clients. It can also be used to drive targeted traffic back to your website. It works best after you’ve been blogging consistently & active on social media for a while (that’s how gives you a springboard for this “power trick”).

Unfortunately – like most effective marketing techniques – this takes time, consistency, deliberation & thus strategy. While phoneBlogger can’t do this “power trick” for you, we can help you in some ways – over and above your current pB service. With a little bit of time management (read: an appointment in your calendar), you can do a little bit each week. This will snowball into a powerful habit for you, with cumulative results.

Why does the power trick work? Like you, most people on the Internet get very little feedback on what they are doing (online or offline). When you do get a quality comment on your blog, LinkedIn post or newsletter, it definitely piques your interest, right? It can help you remember who commented, and even forge a new relationship. Even if the comment is dissenting with your perspective – if written thoughtfully – it can lead to a fulfilling conversation. Moreover, these “commenters” are probably pretty vocal offline too – making them great word-of-mouth relationships.

Well, the Golden Rule of Karma works here too: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you! That’s what the power trick is all about: Comment on other people’s posts.

1) First make a list of Influencers (see who I mean in the 1st sentence).

This may be different from your Personal Referral Circle (those who have recommended clients to you, and vice versa). First of all, such Influencers may not know you well (yet). Second, you may not even know them well.

a) You may only know them as frequent posters in the LinkedIn Groups you look at (there’s a hint).

b) You may only know that they have a popular blog (in terms of traffic, followers & maybe comments).

c) Maybe they are popular in the media (often quoted) or run their own newsletter, YouTube channel, etc.

d) Maybe they run a group (or sit on its Board), where you ought to present a seminar.

Need help identifying your Influencers? We can schedule Marketing Strategy sessions, in addition to your standard service.

2) Now you get to exercise the power trick:

a) Pick only 3 or 4 VIPs.

b) You can set up Google Alerts for their name (it’ll email you when they are mentioned in the media or their own blog).

c) You can also “follow” them on LinkedIn to be notified about their posting.

d) Now COMMENT on their blog article or posting, signing off with your “email signature” (but keep it to just your name & email address, which is hopefully branded with your website URL).

e) Eventually forward their articles to others, bcc’ing their email address once you know it.

f) Likewise, you can ‘Favorite’ their tweet or add them to a ‘List’ (this is a Twitter power move).

Does this power trick make sense to you? Then don’t let your busy schedule stop you from such strategic marketing. For those of you confused, the technobabble may be throwing you off. Hopefully, the concept is understandable. The kids who participate in class become the teacher’s pet. (Of course, do it too much & have nothing valuable to say, and you’ll be branded as annoying.)

Do you already know a few Influencers you can start with? You can always up the ante later. How will you get started with the “power trick”? It seems like something only you can do. You may be able to get your partner to do it with/for you, and possibly enroll one of your senior associates. But nothing beats you forging such potent relationships. What do you think?

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