Boost Your Referrals with Social Media Relationships

Boost Your Referrals with Social Media Relationships By Mark Bullock

{4:08 minutes to read} A client of mine recently asked: How do I engage more with social media to enhance my professional network? My answer was that engaging is all about establishing and nurturing relationships with centers of influence (COI) and/or potential clients.

It’s my opinion that the whole social media landscape is just a set of tools to enhance your ability to find those people who should know you, and connect and build those connections into fruitful relationships.

Connections on LinkedIn are marvellous, and most of us end up with a lot of connections to other people in our industry. I suggest though that you really focus on finding and connecting with those who can potentially refer you business. Whatever your profession is, identify who your potential COIs are.

For example:

  • A mediator might connect with mental health professionals or clergy.
  • A financial professional might connect with brokers or dealers.
  • A mental health professional might connect with physicians or HR professionals.

You would be well served to connect with as many of them as you can, but it’s not just a matter of finding them and connecting with them via social media. It’s even more important to take those relationships to the next level.

View your COIs’ profiles and discussions; “like” and comment on their articles and blogs. Make this your Number 1 priority in becoming more effective with social media.

My mantra is: If you want someone to notice you, notice them, and if you want them to take an interest in you, be interested in them.

In addition to commenting on their social media, you could send them an email and take an interest in them that way.

Note: But remember, when commenting, be very judicious. If it’s favorable and positive, it’s a public acknowledgement. If it’s negative, it’s a public criticism. Realize that public criticism is very much public, even global, and rarely appreciated.

Let these contacts know you are aware of them in a positive way. Treat them to coffee, find a way to take an interest in them. Some people may hesitate inviting a stranger for coffee, not wanting to give the impression they are being stalked. But I think it is important to strike while the iron is hot. Take the next step while you are on their radar screen. If you wait too long, you will no longer be on their radar. If I meet somebody that I want to know, I say, “Okay, are you available for coffee this week?”

That doesn’t mean you use five different ways of reaching out to them at the same time. That may be perceived as desperation. But whatever you choose to do, do it now and then follow up.

Once you establish lists of professionals, make sure you get them in your mailing list so they are receiving your social media messages & email newsletter.

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