Do You Promote Your Articles Through Your Personal Networks?

Do You Promote Your Articles Through Your Personal Networks? by Mark Bullock

{2:05 minutes to read} Here at phoneBlogger, we work with most of our clients on promoting their original articles through newsletters as well as business & company pages on social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, or Twitter.

Clients might also have accounts on community networking sites like Gotham, for example. Most clients also maintain personal profiles on some of these sites. Also, they often produce content that could be considered public interest or public service because they are informational and educational in nature, rather than promotional.

Let us take that a step further.

Once we have published a post on one of your social media company, business, and group pages for you, you can log into any of those sites from your personal account, visit your company page, and share the post straight from there to your own profile. You can also share across these platforms or others you may use; the excerpt we placed for you (during our typical promotion process of your articles) makes it easy to copy-and-paste to your Google+ profile, Facebook personal profile, Pinterest, etc.

Besides starting with fresh content, you might also revive past content (blog articles) that is still relevant and interesting. For example, you could share something you had originally posted a year or more ago, which many of your personal contacts may not have seen but might still be interested in. This can be a great, additional way to initiate engagement.

A word of caution — we don’t recommend sharing a lot of promotional material with truly personal contacts such as family and friends who may not appreciate it. Sharing should have a wide reach (anyone & everyone who knows or should know you), but should also be targeted (COIs & referral sources).

Which of your VIP contacts do you feel could benefit from a conversation with us at

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