Does Your Bio Inspire Prospects to Want to Work With You?

Does Your Bio Inspire Prospects to Want to Work With You? by Mark Bullock{2:00 minutes to read} A professional bio is a critical component for business owners and entrepreneurs—especially those in professional services. Prospects, COIs, and referrals are Googling you, and it’s important to share your credentials, experience, and achievements via a concise format, i.e., your professional bio. 

A basic bio is standard, but you can enhance your brand by expanding your bio into a “creation story.” 

When people are considering enlisting you and your services to resolve their issues, they often want to get to know who you are and how you came to be. Prospects seeking your services will naturally want to learn what you do—more so the “why” of who you are and what you do

Relaying that story is what I call your “creation story.” 

At its core, your creation story shows the reader what sets you apart from others in your industry. How? It displays your passion—for your work and the people you are trying to help with it. 

It’s a personal “professional” story, that weaves in your life experiences, trials & tribulations, and even more importantly what you’ve overcome in order to land where you are now. 

We all like to know “why” someone chooses a career — and it’s very compelling if you’ve chosen your path with the intent to help others in situations you can show you have empathy with. 

I say it’s “personal,” not to reveal private information about you, but as a means of relaying why you “want to help” those in your prospective client’s shoes. 

We all want to ask “so why do you do what you do,” but are often afraid to inquire. Allow your prospective clients to get to know, like, and trust you through your “creation story.” 

What was your “personal journey” to your professional calling? Contact so that we can help you relay your “creation story” in a meaningful way.


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