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Encourage cross-promotion referrals By Vikram Rajan

Who recommends you? Who do you recommend? On Pareto’s Principle alone, most likely more than 80% of your lucrative clients come from less than 20% of these Referral Relationships. What are you doing to nurture such cross-marketing?

What if every 1 of your clients brought you 1 more client? That’s how we start the pB Intro Video (on our homepage). What if every 1 of your Referral Relationships brought you 1 more Referral Relationship? That’s the power of encouraging cross-promotion; this is another way can help you.

In what other ways can we pro-actively encourage more referrals from your colleagues?

  • Have we promoted your articles through your special networking groups (like Gotham, A’s Net, etc)?
    We’ve helped many clients do this.
  • Have you had a guest author on your blog yet?
    We’ve helped many of our clients to do so.
  • Have you swapped articles in someone else’s newsletter?
    We’ve already helped a few clients co-blog.
  • Want to learn more about these opportunities?
    Read our blog article on the topic (featured in a new book called “The Happy Law Practice”).

Now, we want to do more to help you encourage more cross-promotion & referrals from your colleagues, with (no-camera-needed) videos:

To help you do this, is launching the Best Practices show (a YouTube podcast), hosted by Vikram Rajan. Each episode will feature you & one of your colleagues. We’ve produced a Welcome video to explain the concept & to help you invite your colleagues. Click here to watch your Welcome Invitation on the new Best Practices YouTube channel.
For clients, our team will:

  • Embed the video (& bullet points) as a blog article on your website
  • Promote it through your social media & email newsletter
  • We will help your colleague to do the same

The "Best Practice" Show on YouTube

As they promote their own video, they will be promoting you too. Hopefully, this encourages more cross-promotion between you too. (And maybe a few of them will want to continue phoneBlogging with us?)

To help you book an episode of the Best Practices show, we’ve created this Invitation Video for you to send to your colleagues. Vik will personally help you identify the right referral sources & how to invite them on our new YouTube podcast show. Please e-mail Vik to show your interest in being interviewed on our new Best Practices video podcast:

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