How Can Blogging Turn Your Web Visitors Into Clients?

phoneBlogger Co-Founder, Mark Bullock, explains how to use blogging to build your clientele.Working with phoneBlogger isn’t only about publishing fresh blog articles on your website; we want to increase the chances those individuals landing on your website will reach out to you – and potentially become a client!

At phoneBlogger, we help our clients gain recognition and become branded experts in their field by blogging, and further publicizing those blog articles via E-Newsletters & Social Media.

Blogging is about sharing ideas, concepts, instructions and useful information. It’s a complimentary offering of your knowledge and expertise. Moreover, it’s being generous with your audience in a way they can appreciate.

If they find multiple articles on your blog valuable, it starts to help your readers build the “know, like and trust” relationship that needs to happen before any professional engagement occurs. People generally don’t hire people they don’t “know, like and trust,” and your blog gives your readers a means to start to do just that.

Writing educational, informational and valuable content gives people cause to consider that maybe this person or this firm is “the right one for me, because they’re speaking my language.” They can relate to what you are saying. It’s another reason to keep things as much in layman’s terms as possible. People want to hire experts they feel will “get them” & their situation, and they want to hire people they can count on to solve their problem.

The blog archive you create pays dividends for years into the future. You’ve got a catalog of content once you’ve created it. By putting it out there on a consistent basis, you are building an original article inventory that is valuable to both current and future readers, and to your business.

It would be an unusual circumstance – for somebody who’s been blogging for a number of years, for example – for a month to pass by that not every single one of their blog articles has been read by one or more visitors.

So keep your blog valuable

– keep it informational

– and keep it educational.

Be generous, because it pays you back to do so – and the dividends it pays are long term.

How great a factor is an informative blog when choosing a service provider like yours?

If you need help building a valuable catalog of blog content, contact us at phoneBlogger today.

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