How Do Your Clients Know That You’re the Best?

How can you present yourself as "the best" without bragging?Mark and I started to help our clients establish themselves as Branded Experts™ and to grow their Internet-based referrals. This column, published on AICPA’s on March 19, 2012, explores the concept of how CPA’s can establish themselves as “the best.”

Accountants find themselves in humbling positions where they don’t want to necessarily brag about how much better they are than others or that they should be chosen over one account or another. However, bragging is what marketing materials do best.

It’s hard to brag in person – we tend to sound arrogant or conceited if we do so in person, face-to-face. But our bios, resumes, CV’s, brochures, and websites ought to be shy of boastful but substantively proclaiming how we are, indeed, “the best” at what we do.

Of course, we can’t be the best at everything.  But we can be the best in a certain area –  one or more accounting services or niches or demographics.  This column explores 3 aspects or 3 ways where an accountant can claim he or she is the best:

  1. How accountants claim to be the best;
  2. How they can show their specialization in a certain area; and
  3. How CPA’s can attribute that success or substantiate that success.

I discuss all of this and more in the following column:

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