Online Reputation Management: Part 2 – 10 Ways to Bury the Bad Stuff

Online Reputation Management: Part 2 - 10 Ways to Bury the Bad Stuff by Mark Bullock

{3:20 minutes to read} In Part 1, we shared the story about someone who was trying to overcome the negative results Google produced about themselves. To help solve this problem, he (or you) can do what many others are doing:

Bury the negative results by pushing it as far back on Google as possible.

Even though the statistic is that 93% of people do not click past the first page, some may click to the 17th page if they are really digging deep into someone.

To try to bury something negative, you want to post as much positive content as you can.

Below are a few ways in which to do that:

1. Some of the most highly ranked websites that come up on the 1st page of Google are social media sites. If you are not on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or LinkedIn, you are missing an opportunity.

2. Make sure your social media pages are set as “Public” so that search engines can index them.

3. Your name or handle should be your actual, real, searchable name. No one’s going to know it’s you if your handle is “AwesomeDad1958.”

4. With Google+ and other social media company pages, people can “like” pages or leave a review. We all have clients or friends that we could reach out to and say, “Can you post something positive on my Google+ company page?” Pages that utilize star ratings and/or reviews float right to the top as far as Google search goes, whether the reviews are good or bad. If there are bad ones, guess what? Get lots of good ones to offset them! If there aren’t any, then by all means, go get a couple. Don’t forget to give a few, too.

5. Post blog articles frequently, and make sure that in the tags for those articles you tag your own name. Include your name and contact information in the signature of the blog.

Positive online content about yourself can be in many forms. What other ways have you discovered for improving your online reputation?

Next time, we’ll look at 5 additional ways to improve your online reputation!

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