—WAY More Marketing Than Just Content Marketing—WAY More Marketing Than Just Content Marketing by Mark Bullock

{3:42 minutes to read} As a client, there are many value added features that innately come with content marketing.

Built-In Features of’s Content Marketing:

#1 Search Engine Optimization (SEO): One of the first features is Search Engine Optimization, both for your website and your social media. A website (or blogsite) gets great Search Engine Optimization if it’s regularly updated with content that is relevant to the purpose of a client’s expertise.

#2 Social Media Optimization (SMO): Once an article is shared to your social media profiles and company pages, these all indexed and picked up by search engines. As an example, your LinkedIn company page, profile, status updates, and discussions are all search-engine friendly and can garner excellent Search Engine Optimization if created and maintained properly.

If somebody searches for your name and industry on Google, which often happens with referrals, what comes up is vitally important. Search results may include:

  • All your social media profiles.
  • Your company pages.
  • Your blog articles and website.

The more visible you are on the first page of any given search engine, the better. Over time, many of our clients have attained excellent organic SEO between their website, blog, and social media properties; they essentially own the first page of Google (the Search Engine Results Page – SERP).

Within the blog articles themselves, we enhance the SEO through the use of hashtags and meta tagging. The same holds true for social media hashtag optimization.

When your article is shared on social media, we include a short intro, like a teaser. This intro includes 2-3 popular hashtags, so anyone searching social media for that particular hashtag vertical can find your article and ultimately go back to your website to learn more about you and your services. More importantly, hashtags are ranked by search engines and social media platforms.

How powerful is Social Media Optimization? Recently, we checked the SMO performance for one of our clients, a New York Law Firm specializing in elder law.

  • We searched for the term “Social Security Disability” on Google.
  • The first 9 results were .Gov & .Org website listings, as expected.
  • The final result on the first result page was a Google+ social media post from our client.
  • Google picked up the hashtag #SocialSecurityDisability from the client.

What you do as an author and what we do as your publisher and promoter only works with consistency and paying attention to things like hashtags.

We can’t guarantee first-page rankings, but we have had many clients achieve the same or similar results as discussed above. SEO and rankings are fluid; just because something shows up this week it might not show up in the same position next week. However, if you’re consistent in your efforts, there’s a good chance you’ll show up on the first page of Google!

Check out the short videos to learn more about how we serve our clients’ content marketing needs.


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