phoneBlogger Process Step 1 – Setup

Step 1: Setup Video

  • helps you do it all….
  • In 4 easy steps, over the phone, in just minutes of your time…
  • Here’s what we do to set you up right:
  • Depending on what you need:
  • We write or edit your bio, & set up both your blog & email newsletter to match the look & feel of your website.
  • Next, we select the right social networks for your practice:
  • No, you don’t need to be on all of them!
  • We improve your network profiles with your bio & head-shot & join the right groups on LinkedIn for you.
  • Plus, we collect & secure your login information privately.
  • Need help exporting your email contacts out of Outlook or another email system?
  • We walk you through it, and help you separate your lists – one for your networks (like LinkedIn) and another for your email Newsletter.
  • We keep your email lists private & upload them appropriately.
  • Each month, just email us an Excel spreadsheet of your new contacts.
  • We want articles that your clients, referral sources, and networking contacts would read and share with their colleagues, friends & family.
  • The AICPA published our article, “What should you blog about?”
  • It features 20 blog article ideas. We use these to brainstorm & prioritize 4 or 5 topics to start with…
  • Based on your ideas about each article, we type them up into Article Outlines…
  • In the weeks to come, we’ll turn these Notes into finished blog articles.
  • You got all of that?
  • All you need to remember is that it only takes minutes of your time, and we do it all with you and for you.
  • Next, we walk you through our Ghost-Blogging process – (click here).
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