phoneBlogging: The Newest Oldest Profession?

phoneBlogging : gerund \ˈfōn-ˌblägiŋ\ : the process of transforming a telephone-based audio recording into an edited article, optimized for website blogs. Ok, fine, we made that up: But did we really?

Telephones have been around since 1876. Audio recordings may even pre-date Edison’s 1878 invention. While blogs began around 1999, journals of personal & professional musings have been around for centuries. With the dawn of human culture, tribal leaders & monks shared their wisdom by transforming oral traditions into written forms. phoneBlogging is simply our newest interpretation.

phoneBlogging: the Newest Oldest profession? By Vikram Rajan

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More than marketing your practice, phoneBlogging helps to codify your thought-leadership, your personal values, and your firm’s culture. Leaders have been doing such for ages. Languages & technologies have evolved, but our thirst for sharing, learning & socializing has only grown stronger. In this way, social media has always been with us. The Internet just makes it a smaller world, after all.

Equating phoneBlogging with ghostwriting is a lazy & half-assed synonym. I’ve been guilty of doing so; now we’re correcting this misnomer. Ghostwriting is when your byline appears yet someone else writes the text, hopefully (but not necessarily) with your input. phoneBlogging, on the other hand, seeks to preserve your actual words, your voice, your personality, with your style, edits & approval. While we may garnish your food, it should still have your flavor. We then optimize your article to be eye-catchy, search-engine friendly & social media savvy (email me to see our 21-point Blogging Best Practices checklist).

You may or may not be the most eloquent writer or speaker. Your personality may not be suave or clever. Yet you click with people – potential clients & referral relationships – who appreciate you for who you are. Often more than someone’s know-how, isn’t it their personality & values that nurture rapport, chemistry & our friendship? We don’t want to airbrush out what makes you special: We want to market you as someone distinguished & memorable.

So no need to hunt for the right words or topics: We’ll pull it out of you through brainstorming & interviewing. You only need to be a phoneBlogger for a few minutes: We’ll prevent you from committing any “Word Crimes.” You’re the king or queen; we’re your scribes & criers!

Folks get used to phoneBlogging very quickly: Imagine having a real-life Dragon or Siri, who then edits your train of thought. Have you ever audio recorded a “note to self” or talked out an outline before writing? What’s your M.O. when you really get going with a telephone conversation? Do you like to sit at your desk? Or do you like to walk around, glancing at notes every once in a while? We hear some clients even drive while phoneBlogging; be sure to be safe! “Siri, phoneBlog this article for me…” How would you like an app for that?

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