Marketing Fitness — 6 Key Strategies to Implement (Part 2)

Marketing Fitness — 6 Key Strategies to Implement (Part 2) by Mark Bullock

{4:45 minutes to read} Continuing our discussion from the last blog post, today’s article examines some more health & fitness lessons that can be applied to marketing.

Don’t overdo it.

Although pushing yourself can be a good thing, you don’t want to take it too far. In physical fitness, when you feel a tingling or slight burning sensation, it means your muscle fibers are breaking down. That night, while you sleep, the muscles rebuild stronger.

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Facebook’s Instant Articles: Useful for Professional Services?

Facebook’s Instant Articles: Useful for Professional Services? by Mark Bullock

{3:12 minutes to read} Social media has revolutionized marketing in some ways by providing opportunities for free and fast marketing. The technology in this space changes quickly; the options that are available now will most likely be very different down the road.  

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, we research and vet all potential promotional avenues. Our goal is to promote our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible. A critical component to doing so is utilizing marketing tools that steer people back to your website.

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Word-of-Mouth Marketing vs Advertising

Word-of-Mouth Marketing vs Advertising by Mark Bullock

{3:15 minutes to read} At Practice Marketing, Inc., we feel that word-of-mouth marketing yields more long-term and higher quality results than advertising does.

This is because there’s an implied trust that comes with word-of-mouth marketing, especially if you’re reinforcing it with educational and informational content in the form of blog posts, newsletters, articles, and social media participation. All of those things lend credibility and expert status into the branding of you and your firm.

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Pay-Per-Click: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Pay-Per-Click: Costly Mistakes to Avoid By Mark Bullock

{3:55 minutes to read} If you are considering Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, there are many providers to choose from including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google is the largest player in the game, raking in 80+% of the search market.

Years ago, getting visitors by utilizing PPC was fairly easy, but today the competition is formidable. For the amateur, it is easy to make costly mistakes, but being mindful of just a few key factors will save you money and frustration.

Key areas to pay attention to:

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Does Business Feel Like a Roller Coaster? 5 Tips to Leverage the Ups & Downs

Does Business Feel Like a Roller Coaster 5 Tips to Leverage the Ups & Downs By Mark Bullock

{3:00 minutes to read} Any number of things can affect the ebb and flow of business. Acknowledge that there will be cycles, and use the downtime wisely.

I often see clients in professional services experience being busy one month, but not the next. The workflow gets crazy busy for a while, and then it’s like someone pulled the plug, business slows down, and it doesn’t make any sense why.

Here are some tips to get the most out of the inevitable “slow times:”

Acknowledge that there are times of year that are busier than others, and even though it’s not always predictable, it’s wise to plan ahead for those slower times.

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Consistency, Frequency and Value: The 3 Elements of Getting & Maintaining Your Audience’s Attention

In the world of marketing, whatever it is that you choose to do, unless you are doing it consistently, you can’t know whether or not it will work.

Many people I’ve spoken with over the years have said they have tried multiple marketing approaches – newsletters, advertising, social media, etc. – and that none of them produced the results they expected. Upon further digging, it is often the case something was tried once, or twice, without really considering:

  • how they were doing it;
  • if they were doing the right thing; or
  • if they were doing it effectively and consistently. Co-Founder, Mark Bullock explains how consistency with your marketing efforts will produce effective results.Whether through social media, a newsletter, blog or RSS feed, when someone receives information that is valuable to them regularly from you, on a consistent basis, they start to wake up to your message and brand. Continue reading

What Does it Take to Build a Successful Professional Practice?

Bullock - What Does it Take to Build a Successful Professional Practice?Quite often a client or prospective client will ask, in one form or another ,”What does it take to make my professional practice successful?” What they are typically defining “successful” as is making a living at it.

Below is my response to a Family Mediator client, and although it’s written with a Mediation practice in mind, the points & lessons learned can be translated for use with any professional practice.


After many years now of working with, consulting for, and interviewing divorce and family mediators, every mediator I know that makes a living off of mediation does or has done it all with respect to what we refer to as “Word of Mouth Marketing.”

First and foremost, they view their practice as a business, not just a service they provide. They recognize and embrace the need for marketing and promoting that business.

By using the measures below, these mediators have made their practices succeed:

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