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Need a Brush-Up on Writing Click-Worthy Blog Titles?

{0:35 minutes to read} When you’re sifting through titles—whether in your inbox, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or on other social media platforms—what catches your eye? What garners enough interest for you to click through and read?

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5 Secrets To Crafting The Ultimate Blog Title co-founder, Mark Bullock, shares tips on how to create a great blog title.The goal is always to capture the interest of the reader, to hook them and get them to read and share, but how do you pull that off? How do you make it concise and catchy, and if possible, informative and entertaining.

Here are 5 techniques that we use to create a blog title that is optimized for the web and for a person’s short attention span.

1. Don’t Give Away the Answer in the Title – Sustain the Surprise

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