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Does Your Bio Inspire Prospects to Want to Work With You?

Does Your Bio Inspire Prospects to Want to Work With You? by Mark Bullock{2:00 minutes to read} A professional bio is a critical component for business owners and entrepreneurs—especially those in professional services. Prospects, COIs, and referrals are Googling you, and it’s important to share your credentials, experience, and achievements via a concise format, i.e., your professional bio. 

A basic bio is standard, but you can enhance your brand by expanding your bio into a “creation story.” 

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7 Traits of Marketing Maestros

7 Traits of Marketing Maestros by Vikram Rajan

{2:20 minutes to read} I’ve only had one real boss: my father. He’s a deep thinker & very learned—inspirational to many people. He taught me pretty much everything I know in terms of business.

I’d like to share one of the best lessons he taught me, which still rings true on a daily basis: 7 core values around which he based his company. They are known by the acronym MAESTRO (he was from the AT&T days of “TLA”—Three Letter Acronyms—and was a fan of acronyms himself).

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Starters & Finishers – Part 2: Can You Be Both?

Starters & Finishers - Part 2: Can You Be Both? by Mark Bullock

{4:20 minutes to read} Everybody’s a starter and everybody’s a finisher. As I mentioned in Starters & Finishers – Part 1: Which Are You? we can all start and we can all finish. How close you are to the center line determines how easy it is to do one or the other.

There are a few people that are fairly close to the center line. I’m not an extreme starter myself; although I’m certainly aware of many who are. The more extreme of a starter or finisher you are, the more difficult it is to meet the task at the other end of the spectrum.

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