linkedin’s Onboarding Process: A Springboard to Word-of-Mouth Marketing Results’s Onboarding Process: A Springboard to Word-of-Mouth Marketing Results by Mark Bullock

{3:33 minutes to read} has a detailed and well-oiled client onboarding process that starts with the end in mind—to create full engagement in our process and for clients to produce and distribute smart articles to their network.

The onboarding process is a coordinated effort—and it works. 

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Someone Wants to Share MY Article on their Blog & Newsletter? Good Idea, Yes or No? Part 2

Someone Wants to Share MY Article on their Blog & Newsletter? Good Idea, Yes or No? Part 2 by Mark Bullock

{3:45 minutes to read} In Part 1, I brought up several questions to ask yourself and any party requesting to share your articles on their blog or website.

Below are some other ways in which your article may be shared that can present additional pitfalls.

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How You Present Your Content on Mobile Devices Has Reached Critical Mass

How You Present Your Content on Mobile Devices Has Reached Critical Mass by Mark Bullock

{6:25 minutes to read} In the general context of business, we have to recognize the continuing movement toward more mobilization—starting from PalmPilots and laptops to now regularly conducting business on a smartphone. 

I’ve done other posts in the past discussing the need for your website to be mobile optimized—not just mobile friendly, but mobile optimized. We also need to start paying attention to some technologies, like hashtags on LinkedIn, which are coming into play. It’s too early for us to comment much because they haven’t finished it yet. They haven’t really made it clear what they’re doing, other than that hashtags have appeared on LinkedIn’s mobile app and desktop versions, but they aren’t clickable yet on desktops.

We’re experimenting and looking into it now, but this overall trend brings to light the need to accommodate a mobile workforce and being able to do business on mobile devices.

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Need a Brush-Up on Writing Click-Worthy Blog Titles?

{0:35 minutes to read} When you’re sifting through titles—whether in your inbox, on Facebook, on LinkedIn, or on other social media platforms—what catches your eye? What garners enough interest for you to click through and read?

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Don’t Blast Your Sales Message to New Contacts—Try This Instead!

Don’t Blast Your Sales Message to New Contacts—Try This Instead! by Mark Bullock

{4:48 minutes to read} For the majority of professional service providers (like most of you), you should realize you cannot depend solely on your online marketing & networking efforts as your only means of marketing. Offline (in-person) professional relationships cannot be replaced by online efforts, but they can be augmented and reinforced.

Keep in mind that for the most of the professional services, referrals will come from people who know, like, and trust you—and—have met you in person, or at the least spoken with you on the phone.

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7 Cross-Promotion Strategies to Boost Referrals

7 Cross-Promotion Strategies to Boost Referrals by Mark Bullock

{4:15 minutes to read} There are a lot of different ways in which you can engage others in your co-marketing.

In the world, we are, of course, focused primarily on blogs and newsletters. Cross promotion is the next level of marketing by utilizing these tools:

Strategy #1: Quote Others

Quoting others is the opportunity to take something that somebody else has already written or published, be able to quote what they have said, and then expand upon it. In most cases, you’d want to get permission unless it’s a very short quote. In the process of getting permission, you’re essentially allowing for cross-promotion and possibly encouraging the other party to mention that they were quoted by you.

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3 Ways to Measure Results

3 Ways to Measure Results by Vikram Rajan

{4:00 minutes to read} There’s an old adage: “Only 20% of marketing works; 80% is a waste. We just don’t know which 80%!” Even worse, the 80% is a changing set: What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow, and so forth. Unfortunately, much of marketing is trial & error and A/B testing. Still, I find clients who have “tried nothing and are all out of ideas” (a Simpsons quote; email me for the episode).

How can we improve the odds if we don’t measure what we’re doing? A leading indicator of positive results is our automated, systematic, and repeated actions. These include our marketing technologies (e.g., Constant Contact and its autoresponder, and a new entrant to automating testimonial marketing, Raviate, which is looking for private testers — email me).

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LinkedIn Publisher (Pulse) Article Posting: Pros & Cons

LinkedIn Publisher (Pulse) Article Posting: Pros & Cons by Mark Bullock

{3:45 minutes to read} Breaking from tradition, we have been experimenting with sharing our client’s LinkedIn publisher or “Pulse articles” to their LinkedIn groups in lieu of sharing the external article.

We are still doing blog articles for nearly all clients. We publish their blog posts’ excerpts and titles, then include links to the blog posts in their LinkedIn group discussion threads.

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Facebook’s Instant Articles: Useful for Professional Services?

Facebook’s Instant Articles: Useful for Professional Services? by Mark Bullock

{3:12 minutes to read} Social media has revolutionized marketing in some ways by providing opportunities for free and fast marketing. The technology in this space changes quickly; the options that are available now will most likely be very different down the road.  

As the social media landscape continues to evolve, we research and vet all potential promotional avenues. Our goal is to promote our clients in the most effective and efficient way possible. A critical component to doing so is utilizing marketing tools that steer people back to your website.

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What Is CRM & Does Your Business Need It?

What is CRM & Does Your Business Need It? by Mark Bullock & Monika Wood

{3:30 minutes to read} Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is basically a hub where people organize, store and stay in touch with their customers or clients, whether for a service, product or company.

Unlike a standard contact list or email program designed for a single user, CRM is more functional and interactive. It allows you to host multiple users in one place, and makes keeping in contact by newsletter or email more streamlined.

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Professional Online Networking Beyond Pop Social Media

Online Networking Beyond Pop Social Media. Are You? by Vikram Rajan

{4:00 minutes to read} What do you think about when you hear the term “social media”? The field of online networking goes beyond what we traditionally think of as social media, which puts the emphasis on the social, on the fun & on the non-professional aspects of our life. But there’s a very healthy & growing world of professional online networking.

Most of these professional networks thrive on quick status updates that resemble tweets, a knowledge base for the public, and peer relations. That’s really where blogging can see its biggest impact. Beyond search engine results, blogging has its greatest impact through word-of-mouth marketing, or what I call word-of-Mouse marketing.

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Endorsements, Recommendations & Referrals, Oh My!

phoneBlogger co-founder, Mark Bullock, explains the effect of referrals.{2:42 minutes to read} When speaking with clients in respect to their marketing efforts, I see a lot of endorsements or recommendations – that are referred to as referrals.

What’s the Difference?

If you and I are talking and I say, “Oh, you should talk to Mary Jane about your problem. She’s an attorney over at such-and-such law firm,” my suggestion is a recommendation.

If I were to say, “I know this person, Mary Jane, and she’s a really good attorney in this field,” that’s an endorsement.

A referral would be a bit more formal: “Here’s Mary Jane’s number. I’d recommend you consider her to help you with your issue, and I encourage you to reach out to her.”

A more solid referral is an introduction.

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LinkedIn’s Link to More Speaking Engagements

How To Score More Speaking Invitations By Vikram RajanI just answered a HARO inquiry (ask me what that is). So I’m turning my email into a blog article (there’s a hint). This was my answer:

Hi Cindy, every lecture or presentation should lead to more speaking engagements using 3 sentences:

1) “I can go into more detail on this topic in future seminars here.”
2) “If you want this slide/sheet/resource, just give me your business card & I’ll email it to you, plus my newsletter with other presentations.”
3) “If you’d like me to present at your firm/association/group, please give me your business card (or, fill out the Seminar Evaluation).”  Continue reading

Blogging Social Media Power Trick

Blogging Social Media Power Trick By Vikram RajanYou can use this “power trick” to grow VIP relationships – with referral relationships, media contacts, program directors, and even potential clients. It can also be used to drive targeted traffic back to your website. It works best after you’ve been blogging consistently & active on social media for a while (that’s how gives you a springboard for this “power trick”).

Unfortunately – like most effective marketing techniques – this takes time, consistency, deliberation & thus strategy. While phoneBlogger can’t do this “power trick” for you, we can help you in some ways – over and above your current pB service. With a little bit of time management (read: an appointment in your calendar), you can do a little bit each week. This will snowball into a powerful habit for you, with cumulative results.

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Why We Encourage Cross Promotion in Social Media

Co-Founder Mark Bullock explains how helps their clients go from go from a best kept secret to a recognized branded expert.Every service provides is designed to have people become aware of you, and then be consistently reminded of you. The frequency and number of social channels to which we syndicate and cross-promote your blog articles is because no one will notice or pay attention to all of it.

People will only notice some of the time, on some of the channels, and even then, only take the time to consume (click through and read) some of the times that they notice.

It’s inevitable that one post or email down the line, will lead them to notice or be reminded of something you did much earlier. This is why it is so important to maintain consistency in your publishing, posting, updating, and networking across multiple channels. Syndication channels like email, social networking, physical networking, or even Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – with multiple collaterals (your website content, blog posts, newsletters, videos, audios, etc.) serve to build and enhance your online presence, as well as your brand and reputation.

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4 “Only You Can Do” LinkedIn Habits

4 “Only You Can Do” LinkedIn Habits By Vikram RajanNothing can ever replace your personal touch & outreach to colleagues. phoneBlogging is an efficient way to stay top-of-mind, break the ice & inspire questions/conversations. However, there are at least 4 LinkedIn tasks that only you can do – not pB, your partner, associates or assistants. These 4 only take minutes every day, and can even be done on your phone. When done consistently, they are the top 4 personal LinkedIn habits.

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LinkedIn Group Moderation – What’s Going On?!

Mark Bullock, Co-Founder of explains why you may be placed into moderation when posting into groups and what you can do about it.A fairly recent “enhancement” on LinkedIn Groups is causing a bit of a tissy amongst members, as some posters to Group Discussions are all of a sudden getting notices that their discussions have been temporarily placed into “Moderation” across all groups. (Copy of an actual notice at the bottom of this article).

This is a bit complicated as to what it means, why it’s happening, and what you can or can’t do about it, but let me see if I can shed some light.

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What to Do with Social Media Comments

Mark Bullock of explains how to handle comments on your blog and social media posts.

As our client, phoneBlogger’s standard practice is to promote your blog posts to your social media profiles and groups, generating new discussions.

Discussions result in likes and/or comments within social networks, or directly on the blog post on your website. Responses can fall into one of 3 categories:

1. Positive or reinforcing of your point of view
2. Negative or counterpoint to your point of view
3. Unrelated to the subject matter

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Why Do My LinkedIn Postings Show Up in Some of My Groups, but Not in Others?

Mark Bullock of and Practice Marketing Advisors explains LinkedIn group dynamics.I am often asked, “Why do my LinkedIn postings show up in some of my groups, but not in others?” To answer that, let’s look at the way groups work on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn groups are formed by an individual or group of individuals who decide 1) whether they will moderate group discussion (e.g., filter anyone that submits a discussion, or in your case, a blog post) and 2) what they really want the discussions to be about (i.e., which subject matters they are accepting to be in that group).

If the group creator is moderating and doesn’t feel your content is relevant, they may take one of the following actions:

  • They may choose not to post your submitted discussion or blog post.
  • They may move it from the General Discussion tab to the Promotions tab, in which case it’s basically the abyss as no one ever goes to the Promotions tab.
  • They may delete it entirely.
  • They may not approve your discussion or post, and send you an internal email from their LinkedIn account stating that they are the moderator and they either don’t want this type of post, consider it inappropriate, and/or request that you not post that type of content in their particular group.
  • They may flag your discussion or post, in which case it would not get posted, and could theoretically result in your future posts being blocked group postings altogether. 

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27th Blog Article Idea: Long-winded Emails

27th Blog Article idea: Long-winded Emails | Vik @

Often the shoemaker’s son goes without shoes: Last year, we even fell out of the habit of blogging. So we took our own medicine: The 1st secret to our phoneBlogging system is Sustaining Scheduled Sessions. The 2nd is using our Blog Brainstormer, available at; there are now 26 ideas there. There will be 27 shortly:

I offered another trick to my partner Mark. He often answers questions from clients by emailing back very thorough & comprehensive (long-winded) answers. How about taking out anything confidential & private & having our phoneBlogger Editors turn these drafts into polished articles?

You can also do the same. Next time you find yourself answering a question by email, put the Subject Line into your Blog Idea Bank. The bulk of what you wrote can be repurposed into an article.

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