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LinkedIn Publisher (Pulse) Article Posting: Pros & Cons

LinkedIn Publisher (Pulse) Article Posting: Pros & Cons by Mark Bullock

{3:45 minutes to read} Breaking from tradition, we have been experimenting with sharing our client’s LinkedIn publisher or “Pulse articles” to their LinkedIn groups in lieu of sharing the external article.

We are still doing blog articles for nearly all clients. We publish their blog posts’ excerpts and titles, then include links to the blog posts in their LinkedIn group discussion threads.

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Professional Online Networking Beyond Pop Social Media

Online Networking Beyond Pop Social Media. Are You? by Vikram Rajan

{4:00 minutes to read} What do you think about when you hear the term “social media”? The field of online networking goes beyond what we traditionally think of as social media, which puts the emphasis on the social, on the fun & on the non-professional aspects of our life. But there’s a very healthy & growing world of professional online networking.

Most of these professional networks thrive on quick status updates that resemble tweets, a knowledge base for the public, and peer relations. That’s really where blogging can see its biggest impact. Beyond search engine results, blogging has its greatest impact through word-of-mouth marketing, or what I call word-of-Mouse marketing.

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Pay-Per-Click: Costly Mistakes to Avoid

Pay-Per-Click: Costly Mistakes to Avoid By Mark Bullock

{3:55 minutes to read} If you are considering Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, there are many providers to choose from including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Google is the largest player in the game, raking in 80+% of the search market.

Years ago, getting visitors by utilizing PPC was fairly easy, but today the competition is formidable. For the amateur, it is easy to make costly mistakes, but being mindful of just a few key factors will save you money and frustration.

Key areas to pay attention to:

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Why Do My LinkedIn Postings Show Up in Some of My Groups, but Not in Others?

Mark Bullock of and Practice Marketing Advisors explains LinkedIn group dynamics.I am often asked, “Why do my LinkedIn postings show up in some of my groups, but not in others?” To answer that, let’s look at the way groups work on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn groups are formed by an individual or group of individuals who decide 1) whether they will moderate group discussion (e.g., filter anyone that submits a discussion, or in your case, a blog post) and 2) what they really want the discussions to be about (i.e., which subject matters they are accepting to be in that group).

If the group creator is moderating and doesn’t feel your content is relevant, they may take one of the following actions:

  • They may choose not to post your submitted discussion or blog post.
  • They may move it from the General Discussion tab to the Promotions tab, in which case it’s basically the abyss as no one ever goes to the Promotions tab.
  • They may delete it entirely.
  • They may not approve your discussion or post, and send you an internal email from their LinkedIn account stating that they are the moderator and they either don’t want this type of post, consider it inappropriate, and/or request that you not post that type of content in their particular group.
  • They may flag your discussion or post, in which case it would not get posted, and could theoretically result in your future posts being blocked group postings altogether. 

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