Word of Mouth Referrals

What Can a Virtual Marketing Assistant Do for You?

What Can a Virtual Marketing Assistant Do for You? by Mark Bullock & Jaclyn Boruch

{4:20 minutes to read} Relationships take time, but one of the things you can do to help offset that is to use a virtual marketing assistant.

In the early days of Practice Marketing, long before phoneBlogger came into play, Vik and I would sit with professional services clients – attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, etc. – and advise them on what they should and could be doing to market their practices. One of the questions that always came up was, “Who’s going to do the actual work?”

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Professional Online Networking Beyond Pop Social Media

Online Networking Beyond Pop Social Media. Are You? by Vikram Rajan

{4:00 minutes to read} What do you think about when you hear the term “social media”? The field of online networking goes beyond what we traditionally think of as social media, which puts the emphasis on the social, on the fun & on the non-professional aspects of our life. But there’s a very healthy & growing world of professional online networking.

Most of these professional networks thrive on quick status updates that resemble tweets, a knowledge base for the public, and peer relations. That’s really where blogging can see its biggest impact. Beyond search engine results, blogging has its greatest impact through word-of-mouth marketing, or what I call word-of-Mouse marketing.

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Are Your Email Lists VIP-Centric?

Are Your Email Lists VIP-Centric? By Vikram Rajan

{4:15 minutes to read}

Email marketing is convenient and efficient. Yet, efficiency & effectiveness are often counter to one another. Meaning, as something is more efficient, the less effective it often is. Very often the most effective forms of marketing aren’t a very efficient use of time or resources. However, quality time spent with VIP relationships often pay even greater dividends (than mass blasting, for example).

I was asked a great question last week by a new referral relationship: “How do you help clients grow their email lists?” It’s actually not about increasing the quantity, but rather increasing the quality of the email list, I told him.

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What’s Better than Know, Like, Trust?

What’s Better than Know, Like, Trust? By Vikram Rajan

{1:30 minutes to read} In order to be recommended, you must be remembered.

“Know, Like, and Trust” has become an often bandied-about sales & marketing term. Productive relationships go through 3 phases:

  1. Knowing one another.
  2. Liking one another.
  3. And trusting in each other’s expertise & character: Each side must deliver on promises.

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New Ways to New Referral-Centric Blog Article Ideas

New Ways to New Referral-Centric Blog Article Ideas By Vikram Rajan{3:30 minutes to read} In my last article, we introduced 2 new features available from phoneBlogger.net. In this post, I would like to introduce you to an additional value to the phoneBlogger.net suite of services.

Most of our clients are familiar with BlogBrainstormer.com. phoneBlogger’s focus has always been on referral-centric blog ideas. What do I mean by that? Open your Master Checklist & look at the tabs at the bottom: You will see a tab called the Referral Circle. My partner Mark Bullock and I built a handy spreadsheet for you to list all of the specific people – usually your colleagues and peers – who have recommended clients to you in the past year, as well as those folks to whom you have recommended your own clients. It’s a kind of circular effect.

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2 New Cross-promotion Benefits of phoneBlogger.net!

2 New Cross-promotion Benefits of phoneBlogger.net! By Vik Rajan{Time to read: 3.5 minutes} Blogging is a means to an end. Our real focus of blogging is word-of-mouth marketing, to stay top-of-mind with referral relationships.

One of the main focuses of phoneBlogger.net and working with us is to do what we’re calling “referral-centric blogging” – where we look to prioritize topics that are fine-tuned to focus on cross-promotion, word-of-mouth and referral marketing.

For 2015, phoneBlogger.net is debuting 2 benefits for our clients, whom we call Authors.

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Do You Have Any Idea What Your Website Visitors Are Doing?

Mark Bullock of phoneBlogger.net explains some blog site statistics vocabulary.Once you’ve made the decision to start authoring educational blog articles in order to boost your word-of-mouth referrals, you may find that some of the terminology is confusing at first – but knowing what it means can greatly improve your ability to maximize your site. For the purposes of this article we’re going to focus primarily on WordPress, but the same holds true for many of the different blogging platforms.

What is the difference between a new visitor and a returning visitor?

That question is usually decided by the cookies that are on the visitor’s browser. For instance, someone blocking cookies or clearing them out in between uses would be counted as a new visitor or, whereas a user with cookies would be counted as a returning visitor, if they’ve been to your site before.

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Turning Networking Lemons into Lemonade

How you can turn a boring networking event into someting productive that will lead you with referralsA client recently expressed disappointment in a poorly attended networking event with a self promoting organizer.  His feeling was that it had been a total waste of his time.

I remember attending an event where the self-important organizer/speaker droned on and on – I didn’t want to sit there listening to him “waste my time”.  I almost got up and left – then I got an idea; – what if I set aside my cynicism for a moment, raised my hand, and in a positive way, asked a question about what he was droning on about?  What if I participated in the conversation – maybe even converting the unwelcome speech into a conversation?

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Social Networking, is it Worth it?

What is the ROI - Return on Investment of Social Networking & Social MediaPracticing professionals often try to wrap their heads around whether or not the time and effort to pursue word of mouth referrals via Social Media channels is “worth it”.  We often hear questions like: “What’s the ROI (return on investment) for Social Media?”

My response would be:

“What’s the ROI for your phone, or computer, or being engaged in your industry associations, or even physical networking? Could you imagine running your business without a phone or computer?  In this day and age, the same goes for Social Networking engagement (the online counterpart of physical networking).”

It’s not difficult to grasp that without a healthy, active, and engaging presence on at least one social networking site, you are essentially telling the world you are a dinosaur.  And if you’re not “publishing” and effectively distributing some sort of content that’s valuable and educational for those that have the ability/opportunity to refer you business (blogs, articles, email newsletters, white papers, ebooks),  you are missing the boat in this “digital and connected age”.

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