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phoneBlogger.net Co-Founders: (Jump to: Vik | Mark)

Mark Bullock: mark@phoneBlogger.net, 631.754.0800

Mark Bullock is a Co-Founder of phoneBlogger.net, and in fact envisioned the service while working with our clients as a Practice Marketing Advisor. You can read about the creation of phoneBlogger.net here. Mark is also a Advisor with Vikram Rajan at Practice Marketing, Inc.. Mark comes from a diverse background in entrepreneurship, technology consulting & management, business coaching, considers himself a lifelong student of business communications & relationships, marketing, and sales (client acquisition). He’s our primary advisor to clients when it comes to practice development & management coaching, and is our resident principal Web Developer & Manager. Mark lives on Long Island, NY.

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Vikram Rajan: vik@phoneBlogger.net, 516.642.4100

Vikram Rajan is a Co-Founder of phoneBlogger.net, along with Mark Bullock. Vik started Practice Marketing Advisors and its blog as he realized attorneys, CPAs, and related professionals required specialized marketing help that accounts for clients’ professional code of conduct, ethics, and model rules. Vik is a columnist for AICPA’s largest publication for accountants and frequently helps to present CLE classes through various Bar Associations. Vikram’s book, “365 Personal Brand Marketing Thumb-Rules” published in 2008, is available through any bookstore. Vik lives in Harlem, NYC.

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phoneBlogger.net Client Editors:
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Marta Hanahan, pB Client Editor: marta@practicemarketinginc.com, 888-952-4630, Ext 102

Marta Hanahan has been with phoneBlogger.net from the beginning. Her career spans from radio to theater; as such, she is a refined communicator & conversationalist. As your phoneBlogger.net Editor, Marta will help you bring out your thoughts, your expertise, and your personality. She will then edit your interview for grammar and blog aesthetics. Marta will work with you toward your article approvals. Marta lives outside of York, PA.

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Daniel Ruisi, pB QA Editor: dan@practicemarketinginc.com, 888-952-4630, Ext 103

Daniel Ruisi is not only an interviewing editor, but also provides Quality Assurance for our other internal editors. Dan is fond of saying that he helps authors convey “what they meant to say.” As such, he is a skilled editor who goes beyond grammar but into meaning & purpose. Dan also coordinates a team of pB Article Editors, who include practicing attorneys & paralegals. Dan lives in Colorado.

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Jaclyn Boruch, pB Client Editor: jaclyn@practicemarketinginc.com, 646-583-0233

Jaclyn is an interviewing Client Editor and also serves as a Promoter for many phoneBlogger.net clients. Through both capacities, Jackie coordinates the Publishing Schedules for a great number of pB Clients. Jackie is also the founder of Corporate Cares, which helps many non-profits to “Bridge The Gap Between Profit & Purpose.” Jaclyn lives in New Jersey.

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Amanda Mili, pB Article & QA Editor: amanda@practicemarketinginc.com

Amanda is on staff as an Article Editor, and provides Quality Assurance proofing for other pB Editors. Through both capacities, Amanda utilizes her editorial & marketing skills to help clients with their content. Amanda has a background in search engine optimization and design. She lives in a small town in North Carolina.

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phoneBlogger.net Promotion Specialists:
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Stacey Tomaschik, pB Promoter: stacey@practicemarketinginc.com, 888-952-4630, Ext 104

As a produced playwright with a Masters degree in Theater, Stacey has extensive background in capturing and developing personalities. She has been close friends with Vik for 17 years. As your phoneBlogger.net Promotion Specialist, Stacey will publish your approved articles onto your blog website and promote it via your social networks. Stacey also customizes your e-newsletter design and e-mails it to your contacts, upon your approval. Stacey lives outside of Philadelphia.

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Toshiba Burton, pB Promoter: toshiba@practicemarketinginc.com

As Toshiba publishes your article onto your blog, she does a final proofing, to cull out the keyword tags & categories for your Article. She will then add a copyright-approved image, optimize your article, & get it ready for your social media and newsletter promotion. Toshiba lives in the greater Memphis area.

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Melody Spencer pB Promoter: melody@practicemarketinginc.com

Melody handles your blog promotion. She optimizes your articles through code & a copyright-approved image. Melody then promotes your article through your selected social media channel(s). She also designs & sends your email newsletter, matching your blog & website. Melody lives in North Carolina.

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phoneBlogger.net Client Administration:
 (Jump to: Yvonne)

Yvonne Malone, pB Client Coordinator: yvonne@practicemarketinginc.com, 630-810-0585

Yvonne Malone is the eye of the storm. She is essentially Vik & Mark’s hour-to-hour right-hand executive. Yvonne coordinates the Setup phase of new clients, working alongside pB Promoters & Editors. She also manages the many internal projects that help to keep phoneBlogger.net efficient & effective. Yvonne lives in the Chicago area.

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