Why Are You Sending Your Prospects to Competitors?

Why Are You Sending Your Prospects to Competitors? by Mark Bullock

{2:15 minutes to read} If you don’t have ALL of the information and answers that your prospective clients are looking for on your website, that’s exactly what you are doing.

To say “times have changed” in the online marketing world would be an understatement. Your website/blog can no longer be just teaser information or espouse the benefits of you and the service you offer. If there’s a topic or area of your practice that a prospective client wants to know about, you had better have a blog article on your site about it.

Why? Back to the title of this article: Because if someone has been referred to you, or found you online, or is looking through your site with questions about their predicament and whether or not you can help them—and they don’t find that answer there—guess what? They’re probably not going to call you and ask. They’re just going to Google it, and likely end up on your competitor’s website.

You are best served if your online presence contains answers to ALL of your visitors’ questions in the form of blog articles, page content, FAQs, etc. Don’t forget that the content of your site must be searchable and the “Search” function prominent for your visitors.

Yet your total online presence is vastly more than just your website. People communicate and interact online ubiquitously now, and the majority of that is either through email or social media.

You have to have a significant & regularly updated social media presence online if you want to attract the attention of prospective clients. You have to send out regular email (newsletters/updates/articles); these get passed around, furthering your brand. Note: You are far better off sending regularly with limited content than waiting to have a “full” newsletter. Frequency & quality far outrank quantity (length) of content.

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