Why We Encourage Cross Promotion in Social Media

Co-Founder Mark Bullock explains how phoneBlogger.net helps their clients go from go from a best kept secret to a recognized branded expert.Every service phoneBlogger.net provides is designed to have people become aware of you, and then be consistently reminded of you. The frequency and number of social channels to which we syndicate and cross-promote your blog articles is because no one will notice or pay attention to all of it.

People will only notice some of the time, on some of the channels, and even then, only take the time to consume (click through and read) some of the times that they notice.

It’s inevitable that one post or email down the line, will lead them to notice or be reminded of something you did much earlier. This is why it is so important to maintain consistency in your publishing, posting, updating, and networking across multiple channels. Syndication channels like email, social networking, physical networking, or even Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – with multiple collaterals (your website content, blog posts, newsletters, videos, audios, etc.) serve to build and enhance your online presence, as well as your brand and reputation.

Note – Discussion threads get their own SEO as well.

In addition, your participation in social networking conversations helps you build valuable relationships. So – spend a bit of time in your online communities. Locate potential centers of influence in your LinkedIn groups as an example – “Like” their posts and post relevant and valuable comments. Your comment acts as a public acknowledgement of someone else’s work, and is likely to be appreciated. By paying attention to them, you raise the likelihood that they will also pay attention to you.

It’s also important to accommodate different individuals by using different channels. Some people are big on LinkedIn, but not on Facebook. Others are big on Facebook, but not on LinkedIn, or Twitter, etc.

All of the social media promotion and syndication that we do – is to help you gather an audience that can ultimately be added to your mailing list.

Email is the best way to syndicate your content – because your information lands directly in the inboxes of your audience. While I always say it’s great to have lots of connections and groups on LinkedIn, especially if it’s your target audience, but – the ultimate goal should be to get your followers onto your mailing list. That way your readers won’t have to be watching, or paying attention to, updates on LinkedIn or Facebook, as examples.

Our cross-promotion and syndication creates a literal web of marketing which we are consistently spinning for & with you – with lots of interconnections and paths that will lead back to you, and keep you top of mind with your audience. That is how you go from a best kept secret to a recognized branded expert.

We’ve written several articles about using blogging and social media to foster referrals.

Feel free to check them out at phoneBlogger.net/blog.

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