How To Attract Referrals By Becoming a Branded Expert™ in Your Industry co-founder and marketing expert, Mark Bullock, discusses how consistently blogging makes you a subject matter expert and attracts referrals.The phoneBlogger process is highly successful at starting conversations.

At phoneBlogger, we have enjoyed watching as numerous clients have benefited from their blog posts striking a chord with their colleagues, affiliates, centers of influence & referral sources. This is often because the opinion or viewpoint expressed was either contrary to or progressive beyond the collective industry viewpoints. As a result of these exchanges, many have set path to become thought leaders.

Yes, being a thought leader does take some time, and there is the potential of negative comments from those that disagree with you, but the reward of being sought-after as a Branded Expert™ in your industry is invaluable.

Comments from your peers help make this happen. Lively, thought-provoking and accessible discussion will not only bolster your standing with affiliates, centers of influence and referral sources, but are also likely to impress your expertise upon potential clients visiting your website/blog.

In fact, older blog articles tend to generate exactly that type of “walk-in” traffic;  Many of our clients get almost as many views of their older posts as of their new ones.

If you’ve been blogging consistently for years, it’s highly likely that every blog you’ve ever written is going to be read by someone, almost every month.

When a visitor to your site ends up in the archives of your blog, they are browsing older articles and looking for answers & solutions. They search for different topics, and although they may take note of how new or old an entry is – what they often notice is how many comments an article has. They can see that an article with comments is not just static content, and they may be more likely to read it.

Whenever I explain the usefulness of phoneBlogging to someone, I tell them to look at their blog as their own, personalized social media platform. What’s more, it can actually become the hub of your social media presence. Doing things like migrating comments from LinkedIn groups can turn your blog article into a powerful marketing and branding tool, assisting you in becoming a Branded Expert™. works tirelessly behind the scenes setting up your blog and social media, so that you can concentrate on consistently getting your message out to as many people as possible, reinforcing your position as a Branded Expert™.

What other ways can you become a thought leader in your industry? Please share your ideas in the comment section below.

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