Making Sense of Google+ Profiles and Pages to Best Promote Your Business-Related Articles

Making Sense of Google+ Profiles and PagesGoogle+ – like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – is a social networking platform. Launched in June 2011 by the world’s most-used search engine, Google+ has become the second-largest social networking site in the world.*

If your company already has a social media presence, you may be familiar with the concept of personal or professional “profiles” vs. company and/or business “pages.” The function of business and/or company pages has now been added by 3 of the major social networks. First Facebook, then LinkedIn and now Google+.

Personal or professional profiles represent the individual.
Company or business pages represent the company, organization, or brand.
Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ allow you to create multiple pages
for each of your brands or services.

You can do a lot with both profiles and pages:

  • Both allow you to post links, articles, or other information;

  • Enable your audience to follow what you’re up to, and what you have written;

  • Have tremendous SEO value; and

  • Create viral opportunities – allowing your audience to share your pages, profiles and posts with others.

A significant difference between profiles and pages lies in the relationship you wish to have with your readers and/or followers. Profiles can be “connected to” or “friended,” indicating either a  professional or personal relationship, where you grant permission for the connection. Pages do not indicate a relationship, and do not require your permission for others to follow or like your page.

Whereas LinkedIn is mostly for professional connections, and Facebook for personal ones, Google+ attempts to straddle both. Your Google+ network is organized into “circles” of connections – and the professional and personal worlds may overlap. For example, you can allow your posts to be viewed by the public, or only by the people within the circles you choose.

Choosing to use Google+ may seem redundant if you already have a strong social networking presence on other social media platforms. Yet sharing your posts on a rapidly-growing network, created by the world’s most-used search engine, can only serve to increase your social SEO. In addition, with the introduction of circles, you now have the ability to tailor and fine-tune who receives, and/or can view your content.

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Making Sense of Google+ Profiles and Pages to Best Promote Your Business-Related Articles
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