2 New Cross-promotion Benefits of phoneBlogger.net!

2 New Cross-promotion Benefits of phoneBlogger.net! By Vik Rajan{Time to read: 3.5 minutes} Blogging is a means to an end. Our real focus of blogging is word-of-mouth marketing, to stay top-of-mind with referral relationships.

One of the main focuses of phoneBlogger.net and working with us is to do what we’re calling “referral-centric blogging” – where we look to prioritize topics that are fine-tuned to focus on cross-promotion, word-of-mouth and referral marketing.

For 2015, phoneBlogger.net is debuting 2 benefits for our clients, whom we call Authors.

The 1st benefit is our new web magazine called RecommendedAuthors.com. At RecommendedAuthors.com, we feature authors associated with phoneBlogger.net. Each author is prominently displayed with their headshot, contact information, and of course, their articles.

The homepage is a chronological listing of articles that we’ve published. We publish on average 3-5 new articles daily, which means over 100 articles a month. As of January 2015, RecommendedAuthors.com has over 1,000 articles from 2014. It follows the tenets of Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Consistency. Frequency. Relevancy.

We’ve achieved each of these by launching RecommendedAuthors.com and driving traffic back to each of our clients’ websites and blogs through the:

  1. Consistency of posting nearly every day;
  2. Frequency in terms of 3-5 articles per day; and the
  3. Relevancy of topics to the legal and financial worlds.

RecommendedAuthors.com is a platform that also enables our clients to get to know one another better, and thus potentially swap articles in each other’s blogs, email newsletters, and even social media promotion. We hope to also encourage co-authoring among our clients, where they each distinguish themselves, even if they are seemingly within the same practice area.

Our 2nd benefit, planned to launch in February 2015, is our Cross-promotion Conference Calls (C3). It will start off as a “no-cost favor” to our clients, the same way phoneBlogger.net really started.

Anywhere from 12-15 Authors are invited to a 30-minute phone call. Each Author takes 2 minutes to introduce themselves, but really focuses on one of their latest (favorite) blog articles:

  • talking about why they wrote it,
  • who they wrote it for,
  • and some highlights or excerpts they would want to share.

It’ll be a quick “on & off,” and encourages cross-promotion and referrals among phoneBlogger.net Authors.

  • The conference calls will be recorded in the same way we audio record our Authors.
  • A screenshare element will enable each Author to see the blog articles and contact information of each participant on the call.
  • The screenshare with audio can then be released as a YouTube video, enabling further cross-promotion and word-of-mouth Internet marketing for our clients.

These 2 new features of phoneBlogger.net help our clients with their cross-promotion & referral marketing. How do you identify the right relationships to co-blog with? Share your ideas in the comments & I’ll reveal 2 new features around that next time!
Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder of phoneBlogger.net


Vikram Rajan
Telephone: (516) 642-4100
Email: Vik@phoneBlogger.net
Website: phoneBlogger.net

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