’s Onboarding Process: A Springboard to Word-of-Mouth Marketing Results’s Onboarding Process: A Springboard to Word-of-Mouth Marketing Results by Mark Bullock

{3:33 minutes to read} has a detailed and well-oiled client onboarding process that starts with the end in mind—to create full engagement in our process and for clients to produce and distribute smart articles to their network.

The onboarding process is a coordinated effort—and it works. 

Our goal is to handle as much of the tasks as possible for our clients; however, there are a lot of parts that come into play. It is important to note that there are pieces of information (that cannot be guessed or pulled out) that the client will need to provide, i.e. contacts, etc. 

This process has been finessed over time.’s staff utilizes a highly detailed checklist as a guide, coordinates the steps, and keeps several main objectives in mind. 

Coordinated Marketing Efforts 

The look, feel, and message that the client is relaying to potential clients should be consistent across all the different social media properties, newsletters, blog, website, etc. It should be cohesive and make sense. 

Often, clients will ask, “Well, why are we doing Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn, etc.?” Your potential clients have different preferences; they will pay attention to certain platforms more than others. By ensuring we are cross-platform, a client’s content becomes available to everyone. 

Creating an Accountability Partnership 

The service serves as an accountability partnership between the client and us. Many of our clients are entrepreneurs and small businesses who have difficulty keeping to a regular blogging/publishing/promotion schedule and recognize that technical assistance is needed to stay on track. 

And so, for many, this type of accountability relationship is something new. 

As with anything that is new and different, our process may take some getting used to. Particularly when a client’s plate is full, the onboarding process and tasks may seem cumbersome initially — but they are truly important. It is during this initial stage that we understand our clients, their message, and their existing network to make sure that everything is in place. 

The process is generally completed in a month or two. After completion, the time requirement of the client is dramatically reduced and becomes much more regular. 

Forming New Habits 

The onboarding process allows us to untangle and organize everything upfront. As we emerge from this process as partners, new habits and routines are formed including regular conversations with client editors, responding to team emails, reviewing and approving content, etc. 

As an accountability partner for our clients, we provide routine follow-up with them to help keep the publishing schedule on track. 

If this sounds like a partnership that would benefit you, please contact us for further information!


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