4+ Surprising Benefits of Testimonials

4+ Surprising Benefits of Testimonials by Vikram Rajan

{2:30 minutes to read} When we obtain a testimonial, we benefit in 4 ways:

1. When our clients say it in their own words, we’re able to fully understand the value that we’re providing. Sometimes testimonials on websites and brochures don’t sound “authentic” because they are not in the client’s actual words.

2. When clients express or vocalize the value that they have experienced, they are reiterating it to themselves too—essentially reaffirming their loyalty. If a competing vendor or practitioner comes knocking on their door, literally or figuratively, hopefully, their testimonial has already resold them.

3. Testimonials prime the pump for referrals: By giving you a testimonial, clients have now practiced what to say to others. Repeating it can be easier and more frequent.

4. The more testimonials you’re able to show, the better. Even if the testimonial is from a client that has not yet given a referral, you will be able to use it to legitimize, or even substantiate, other people’s referrals or direct marketing efforts. You will be able to use the testimonial in multiple circumstances: on your website, in brochures, around or inspiring blog articles, on seminar slides, etc. And when a prospect recognizes the client that’s giving the testimonial, even better!

Asking for a testimonial may feel awkward because we feel that we may not deserve the testimonial. Or maybe, the client doesn’t realize that we deserve that testimonial! However, if someone is dissatisfied, they probably already know it. Asking them for a testimonial may feel like it’s throwing salt in their wound – and maybe it is. If you have any doubt, ask for feedback or comments. This gets around the awkwardness, and more importantly, helps you solve the problem—and earn a happy client. When they thank you for solving their frustration, you can then confidently ask for a public testimonial.

In a few weeks, I will be unveiling an even more powerful way to use testimonials, and benefit from it: Through special online software, we will be able to automate the way testimonials are seen (and heard) on your website & social media. Moreover, those raving about you can automatically share their testimonial through their social media (after you get a chance to review & approve it). Plus, these testimonials will boost your search engine optimization and be submitted as your 5-star Google Reviews! If you’d like to help me test this software, please email me: vik@phoneBlogger.net.

Vikram Rajan, Co-Founder of phoneBlogger.net


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